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5 Signs That Your Relationship Needs More Sex – The Love And Sex News- Pro Teachs

Of course, this does not mean that all relationships should have sex in the same way, or with the same frequency, or under the same agreements, but it is important that the two people involved in a bond feel satisfied with whatever the agreement is they have chosen in their life as a couple.

In this sense, it may happen that in an intimate relationship, one of the two parties feels that they need more sex (even if they do not share this feeling) or that they would like these encounters to happen in another way, which can eventually cause problems in bed and, if not resolved assertively and communicatively, can carry over to the rest of the relationship.

So to prevent something like this from happening in your own relationship and ending up in therapy or something similar, we share five signs that your relationship needs more sex and that it is probably time to talk about it with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

1. Low self-esteem

Feeling desired and attractive to our partner helps a lot to improve self-esteem. Instead, when we don’t get those desired looks or those physical connections, our self-esteem can begin to weaken and suffer from inattention.

Being more sure of yourself is not always easy, but it can be greatly improved if you feel the desire of others. To try to counter this, you can work on improving your self-esteem independently.

2. Anger or frustration

Social studies have shown that if a person wants more sex than they get, they may feel anger or frustration at not getting what they want.

So if you find yourself easily irritated, maybe it can be linked to a lack of sex.

This is because the feeling of constant rejection can cause temperamental problems, so try to find out what motivates your challenging moments and process your emotions in a healthy way.

3. Losing the romantic connection

If we don’t feel happy and motivated in a relationship, we’re likely to start to distance ourselves from people, even if it’s gradual.

If you feel that you are getting further and further away from your loved one, it may be due to frustration as a result of a lack of sufficient sexual attention that has not been worked on or communicated.

4. Confused thoughts

When we do not feel satisfied in a relationship, we can end up fantasizing about other people, even if that is not part of our agreement and it is not what we truly want.

5. Little trust

Although trust in a relationship is built for many reasons, the truth is that the lack of sex in a relationship can cause suspicion in your partner.

Above all, because we can come to wonder whether there is any other person who could be satisfying their sexual needs or it can even transfer to a lack of self-confidence, especially if because of the sexual infrequency we feel less attractive or interesting to our partner.

That is why it is so important to talk about the emotions and thoughts that a situation like this can provoke in people, share the insecurities that may be activating negative patterns and learn to listen and respect what the lack of sex means for each person involved in the relationship so you can look for solutions to satisfy those points together.

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