‘A bit of respect, please’: Jordan Pickford shields Harry Kane from cameras after the England-France quarterfinal Pro Teachs

Harry Kane’s missed penalty towards the end of the England-France World Cup quarterfinal would turn out to be a key difference between the two as the holders scraped a 2-1 win against the 1966 world champions. While the England captain had managed to convert a spot kick earlier in the game to equalise, his second spot kick would turn into a nightmare as he skied the ball over.

The England number nine was distraught at the final whistle, down on both his knees. It was at this moment that the England goalkeeper Jordan Pickford would shield his captain from the broadcast cameras approaching near.

“A bit of respect, please,” Pickford can be heard while placing his hand towards the camera and asking the operator to move away from Kane.

Not too later, Kane would explain his penalty miss in a chat with BBC, “I’m not someone who thinks too much about it, I prepare the same whether I get one penalty or two penalties in a game. I can’t fault my preparation or the detail before the game, it didn’t feel any different. I felt confident taking it but didn’t execute it the way I wanted to. Of course, it’s something I will have to live with and take on the chin. But all we can do is be proud of each other and know that the team is in a really good place for the future.”

He further added on whether taking the first penalty impacted his thought process when he stepped up to take the spot kick for the second time on the night. “No, I am always someone who prepares for getting one or two penalties in a game, I always have an idea of what I want to do. I can’t fault my preparation or anything like that, it was just the execution on the night. The first penalty was great, the second one, I didn’t quite hit it how I wanted to hit.”

On Sunday, Kane took to Twitter to express his emotions about England’s campaign at the World Cup and how it came to an end. Absolutely gutted. “We’ve given it everything and it’s come down to a small detail which I take responsibility for. There’s no hiding from it, it hurts and it’ll take some time to get over it but that’s part of sport,” he wrote.

Goals from Aurelien Tchouameni and Olivier Giroud powered France to the semifinal against Morocco.

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