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Alex Beresford says he was ‘a little sad’ to get married on the day of Queen’s funeral- Pro Teachs

Good Morning Britain’s weather presenter Alex Beresford has shared what it was like to get married on the day of Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral.

Beresford married his partner, Imogen McKay, in a sunset ceremony in Majorca last month.

The couple met in August 2020 after being introduced by a mutual friend and announced their engagement this April.

Beresford returned to work for the first time since the nuptials for Thursday’s programme, telling viewers that he has been “easing [himself] into married life”.

Reflecting on his wedding day, Beresford said it was “the most magical, fantastic day”.

“You envisage how your wedding is going to be and it happens exactly how you want it to. It was a beautiful day and evening,” Beresford said.

He added the events had started off with “a little bit of sadness”, as he got married on the same day as the late monarch’s state funeral on 19 September.

In homage to the Queen, Beresford said he woke up early and watched the funeral from a Spanish café in the morning.

Beresford spoke about the timing of the wedding in an interview with Hello! earlier this month, and said that watching the funeral was his way of “paying tribute to Her Majesty”.

The presenter and McKay married at Son Marroig, in front of a backdrop of the sea and mountains.

“It was a dreamy location actually,” Beresford told GMB viewers, adding that the couple stayed in Spain for a few days afterwards to “sit back and decompress” after the celebrations.

Speaking to Hello! the couple also shared what it was like to see each other for the first time on the wedding day.

“I couldn’t wait to marry Alex. Seeing him and all our loved ones in that incredible setting made me feel so emotional,” McKay said.

Beresford added: “When I turned to watch Imogen walking towards me, my heart skipped a beat. She looked amazing. So classically beautiful and exactly as I’d imagined.”

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