Bode and Morgan Miller’s Son Asher Hospitalized After Febrile SeizurePro Teachs

Bode and Morgan Miller‘s winter break has started on a scary note.

On Dec. 20, Morgan revealed on social media that one of her and the Olympic skier’s twin sons, Asher, 3, had suffered a febrile seizure, comma which is convulsion caused by a fever and often from an infection, according to Mayo Clinic.

“Life is constantly walking a knife edge and it’s not something we’re unfamiliar with,” Morgan wrote on her Instagram stories  alongside a photo of her son in the hospital lying on Bode. “Yesterday, Asher had a febrile seizure which scared us half to death. We took that same ambulance to the same hospital we took Emmy to but this time we got to leave with our child.”

In a following post, Morgan shared how the situation happening so close to the holidays caused her to reflect on what’s most important.  

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