Fashion On a Budget: Five Ways to Dress to Kill Without Murdering Your Bank Account Pro Teachs

Times are tight, and in a cost of living crisis, which most of us are struggling to get to grips with, the first thing that tends to fall by the wayside is what you might consider luxury purchases. The budget you have set aside to freshen up your wardrobe may be one area you feel you can cut back on, and while that’s probably true, you don’t want to see one of the pleasures of your existence vanishing entirely. 

If, however, you consider yourself something of a fashionista, then the hopes of splashing out on a new wardrobe every season may have to be altered. Are you one of those shoppers that are constantly seeing items that jump at you that you invariably then buy without a second’s notice? Or maybe you’re the opposite, you can’t think of what you want and your trips around the mall or online are endless and leave you feeling unfulfilled and ultimately without fashion inspiration whatsoever. 

Below are five tips to help you on your fashion shopping journey, lessons to help manage your budget better, as well as aiding a more effective strategy that will leave you feeling whole once again. 

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Buy Online

The costs associated with buying online versus in the high street make it an unfair fight when it comes to your wallet. Purchasing items via the internet is the way to go, and this is even more relevant when it comes to accessories.

The sheer scope of online stores makes it all the more likely you’ll find just what you were looking for. Shop wisely, though, don’t just jump at the first sight of a fabulous evening gown; take a look at competitors, and seek out the best deals. Check out reviews of the relevant online stores you are shopping at so as to make sure they are legit, and pay close attention to how their delivery services are rated. 

This is very much the case when it comes to specific niches in the accessory market, such as jewelry, which is far less expensive when bought online. By doing your fashion shopping online, such as for an elegant item of personalized jewelry, your budget will stretch further than if you bought the same item in a nearby mall or fashion outlet. 

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Invest In Accessories 

Buying a whole new series of outfits when a new season rolls around is not only financial suicide, but also unnecessary. Learn to love accessories not just as items to add detail to your ensemble but as ways to shape your entire look.

A good selection of accessories can help to breathe new life into a tired wardrobe. Perhaps there’s a great dress in your closet you haven’t worn for years; maybe you felt it lacked the ‘it factor,’ but when worn with an elegant bracelet, it offers a new way of looking at an item you already have. Accessory shopping is a great way to keep the overall costs of your fashion adventures down in a big way. 

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Run a Wardrobe Audit

Before you splash out on hordes of new clothing items, why not take an honest look at what you have in your wardrobe? Many of us have fallen foul of ‘fast fashion’ and bought items we may never wear while other items in your closet may no longer fit properly.

Maybe ask a valued friend over and get their input too. Perhaps there are pieces at the back of your closet that are actually back on trend? Take your time, make an evening of it, and with a critical and honest eye, see what you have that you are realistically going to wear and those items that you’ll never adorn again. 

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Try Second Hand and Vintage Stores 

Shopping at second-hand, vintage, and thrift stores is often far more fun than visiting the local outlet mall. There is something to be said for rooting around the treasures you’ll see in these establishments, often giving you more of a chance to think about the purchases you eventually make.

Every item has its own story, and often due to the cyclical nature of fashion, the best place to find things that are very much the trend of a particular season is to find the originals from the era they emerged from.

For instance, 2022 saw the rejuvenation of platform boots, and what better place to find a great pair than in a vintage store where you can often get your hands on the real thing, and usually, the items are much better made and have more longevity that the fashion of today.

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Plan Your Shopping Trips (Online and Offline)

Now, this is key: before you go on your next fashion shopping excursion, think precisely abut what you’re looking for. Make a wish list of sorts and stick to it! Don’t be distracted by other items that will hurt your wallet.

This works both online and offline and is a great way to avoid unnecessary purchases that will often lead to your wardrobe being cluttered with unwanted items. 

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