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Heartwarming moment couple accidentally propose to each other at the same time- Pro Teachs

The adorable moment a couple surprised each other by proposing at exactly the same time on an anniversary trip was caught on camera.

Bradley Fox-Jones, 25, had been planning to propose to Joshua Barker on their four-year anniversary – but his partner Joshua beat him to it.

The couple had been planning a retreat to Crete as they had never been abroad together, and Bradley had intended to take the opportunity to propose.

But to Bradley’s surprise, Joshua, a journalism student, beat him to it.

( Bradley Fox-Jones / SWNS)

The couple arrived on the island on July 21, the day after their four-year anniversary, and spent the day relaxing by the pool.

Bradley had planned to propose at the beach and suggested to go and take pictures with the sunset.

The couple stopped at the bar for a drink so Bradley could steel himself for the moment.

Bradley, from Portsmouth, Hampshire, said: “I knew I needed them. I’d keep going to the toilet so I could call friends and family for reassurance.

“I was really worried about it. I’ve been practicing getting down on one knee for months.

( Bradley Fox-Jones / SWNS)

“When Joshua proposed, I was shocked it’s a bit to stupid, but all I could says was ‘really?’”

The video shows Joshua, 23, taking the knee first and proposing, to Bradley’s shock. After declaring his love, Bradley proceeds to do same.

He added: “After the proposal we had the best holiday ever. We’re an engaged couple now, but we’re still the same people.

“I didn’t grow up thinking I was going to get married.

“I didn’t think I would be able to, because I’m very flamboyant. I didn’t think I was a person people would want to bring home.

“No one has genuinely loved me before Josh. I was OK being single because I had resigned myself to it.

“But then, as soon as I met Josh I was like, wow, there’s really something here.

“I was his first love, his first kiss and everything.”

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