How to Make Your Perfume Last Longer Pro Teachs

How to Make Your Perfume Last LongerIf you find that your fragrance wears off quickly, chances are that you’re probably not applying it correctly. Finding the right scent is one thing but making sure you make the most of it is an entirely different art. Yes, there is in fact a right and a wrong way to spritz on your perfume – and the solution is all in the application. It’s about knowing where and how to apply fragrance, and how to correctly store it so it retains its quality, and as a result, makes your perfume last longer.

The expert folks over at Swiss Arabian perfumes stepped into The Beautiful Lifestyle Online and shared with us some easy and simple scent tips that can enhance the power of your scent from day to night, and make your perfume last longer.

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How to Make Your Perfume Last Longer

Apply moisturizer on pulse points

Dry skin doesn’t quite absorb and hold fragrance the same way as hydrated skin, so rub on some unscented moisturizer or body oil to help the fragrance hold longer. Using petroleum jelly also works wonders in holding the scent longer, especially when applied on your wrists, neck, inside elbows, knees, and ankles.

Store your perfume smartly

Perfumes should always be stored away from daylight to avoid breaking down the fragrance. For instance, Swiss Arabian perfumes come beautifully packaged in elegant boxes that look great on top of your dresser and if you want them to last longer, you can also put them inside your fridge to preserve their strength.

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Carry scented cotton buds

A simple and easy hack for instant reapplication through the day – another trick is to just spritz some perfume on cotton balls and carry them with you for the perfect perfume touch-up on the go!

An easy alternative is carrying Swiss Arabian’s wide range of concentrated perfume oils that are perfectly packed in deluxe, travel-friendly sizes, ideal for when you’re on the go.

Layer fragrances

An interesting way to make your perfume last longer; try fragrance layering which involves starting with a heavier scent and then spritzing a lighter one on top of it to tie in the notes. You can also try layering it with concentrated perfume oils and incense to intensify the fragrance and improve its longevity.

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