Lady Susan Hussey Apologizes to Ngozi Fulani After Palace IncidentPro Teachs

Lady Susan Hussey has apologized to Ms. Ngozi Fulani for her behavior at a Buckingham Palace reception last month.

The former lady-in-waiting to the late Queen Elizabeth II and the founder of the nonprofit Sistah Space addressed the incident at a meeting at the Palace on Dec. 16, Fulani and the Palace confirmed in a joint statement.

“At this meeting, filled with warmth and understanding, Lady Susan offered her sincere apologies for the comments that were made and the distress they caused to Ms Fulani,” the statement read. “Lady Susan has pledged to deepen her awareness of the sensitivities involved and is grateful for the opportunity to learn more about the issues in this area.” 

The statement noted that Fulani, “who has unfairly received the most appalling torrent of abuse on social media and elsewhere, has accepted this apology and appreciates that no malice was intended.” 

In the statement, the Royal Households pledged to “continue their focus on inclusion and diversity, with an enhanced programme of work which will extend knowledge and training programmes, examining what can be learnt from Sistah Space, and ensuring these reach all members of their communities.”

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