MaKiRa Restaurant – An Ode to Japan’s Most Beloved Dishes Pro Teachs

MaKiRa Restaurant - An Ode to Japan’s Most Beloved DishesLocated inside Dusit Thani Dubai, MaKiRa restaurant is the newest Japanese rolls and bowls destination fusing flavours and techniques that hallmark the traditional and modern cultures of Japan into one exciting dining experience. This concept is an ode to Japan’s most beloved dishes – Maki and Ramen.

Ranging from the originals to the chefs’ contemporary experiential flavours, each dish promises to take you on a quintessential foodie journey. From choices of salmon to premium wagyu beef, every ingredient is handpicked from some of the best farms. Grab a seat at the chef’s table if you wish to witness the chefs work their magic in the kitchen, or comfortably lounge with your family and friends between four walls of Ramen-inspired art.

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Ambience at MaKiRa

Embracing both traditional and modern cultures, MaKiRa restaurant comes with a bright and airy space dominated by minimalist wooden features accented with graphic, contemporary Japanese artwork. You’ll be welcomed with a variety of illuminated multi-coloured Japanese umbrellas, showcased as ceiling features at the entrance, perfect for that mirror-gram selfie.

Japanese Uchiwa Fans and Furoshiki Boxes in different colours and patterns add a traditional touch to MaKiRa’s walls, whilst the striking Samurai ramen graphics of Seiten No Heki-Reki and Hana Yori Dango provide a great contrast to the restaurant’s overall aesthetic.

MaKiRa restaurant menu

MaKiRa Restaurant - An Ode to Japan’s Most Beloved DishesMaKiRa’s dining philosophy lies in the use of top-tier ingredients matched with unique cooking techniques and an imaginative pairing of flavours from around the world with traditional Japanese dishes.

The menu features a variety of Japanese rolls which include Aburi Truffle Wagyu Roll (wagyu beef slices, avocado, truffle kewpie, crispy onions and yakiniku sauce), Ebi Tempura Uramaki (prawns tempura, avocado, orange tobiko, spicy kewpie and teriyaki), Torched Salmon Uramaki (salmon tartar, cucumber, truffle kewpie and teriyaki glaze), amongst others.

Wagyu Beef Ramen (traditional Shoyu broth with wagyu beef chashu), Tan Tan Ramen (creamy chicken broth with spicy minced chicken and crispy garlic oil), and the Tom Yum Ramen (coconut milk enriched classic tom yum broth with shrimps and crispy garlic oil) are some of the highly recommended hearty bowls to try.

A fresh selection of salads, poke and chirashi are also available for those who seek healthier options on the menu. A definite must-try is the Tuna Poke (quinoa, charred pineapple, edamame, snow peas and red radish served with Bloody Mary dressing) and the New Style Chirashi (sushi rice, salmon, tuna, octopus, hamachi, takuwan, hajikame and wasabi soy dressing).

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Perfect for a quick lunch or an after-work dinner with friends or colleagues, MaKiRa restaurant promises to be an informal yet unforgettable fusion of Japanese dining experience coupled with Dusit Thani’s signature Thai hospitality.

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