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I love accessorizing my home and now that I’m updating my kitchen cabinets (and hopefully my sink and countertop next), I’ve been on the hunt for the best kitchen accessories to add some new life into my otherwise dated kitchen. Decor accents such as new hardware, appliances, cookware or stylish functional items are a great way to glam up your kitchen if a full custom kitchen fast and on budget. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love shopping for decor pieces?

So check out these gorgeous kitchen decor accents to quickly update the look of the most used room of the house.

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Wood Boards, Bowls and More

Natural wood pieces in the kitchen are a great way to bring earthy textures into your space. You can select different stain colours and grains to further compliment the colours and other decor pieces in your kitchen as well. 

Lay a couple wood cutting boards against your backsplash, add a large wood bowl to house your fruit or grab a wooden salt vessel or tray  into your kitchen to warm up that space with a minimalist touch.

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Ginger Jars, Pitchers and Cannisters 

I love ginger jars and large cannisters and place them throughout my home. They make a great impromptu vase for flowers or seasonal stems and look gorgeous on their own or in a cluster with other jars and cannisters.

You can get them in neutral white to go with any space or bolder colours to play up a certain colour theme – my faves come in traditional blue and white! Jars in porcelain, ceramic or glass also make great decorative storage options for your sugar, salt, sweet goodies and more.

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Framed Art

Framed art in any size is a great way to add some character to your kitchen as well as highlight your own personal taste. Larger framed art can add some interest to your walls, while smaller pieces can be added to your countertop or open shelves as a focal point.

Etsy is a great source of printable artwork, especially if you love French country themes. 

It’s also a great way to add pics of your family into your kitchen to enjoy them while you cook.

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Gold Accents and Hardware

Gold accents are making a big comeback, especially when it comes to kitchen fixtures and hardware (I’m adding gold hardware into my own kitchen!). Update your cabinet knobs and pulls in a gold tone.

Grab a couple salt and pepper mills in gold, a new gold light fixture, gold utensils or style a gold vase or tray on your countertop to add this metallic trend into your cooking space. 

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Beautiful Cookware

A great way to update your kitchen decor is to find some great looking cookware. Brands like Le Creuset have stunning bakeware and Dutch oven options to dress up your kitchen shelves. Adding gorgeous metallics like copper or gold pots and pans can also bring a touch of glam to your kitchen fast. 

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le creuset dutch oven in blue. blue kitchen decor ideas. french country kitchen decor ideas.


Cake Stands and Cloches

Cake stands and cloches are another way to add some decor drama to the kitchen and highlight some of your fave decor items through some glass. They’re definitely a kitchen decor must have!

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Risers & Stands

Long risers are a great way to accent other decor items in your kitchen or simply make your dish soap and dish brush look a bit neater. They come in wood, stone/marble or acrylic options and can easily elevate an otherwise simple nook in your kitchen. 

Tiered stands are another great kitchen decor option, especially if you have a farmhouse kitchen. Use these to display your fruit or baked goods and change things up with them as the seasonal decor changes. 


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Open Shelves

Open shelves are a big trend right now and a great way to dress up an empty wall and display your favourite bowls, books, pictures, teapots or cannisters. 

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Rugs & Runners

Rugs and runners are another way to add different patterns and textures into your kitchen fast and within a budget. They also work to reflect the decor theme of your kitchen, whether it be farmhouse, modern, French country or vintage – all of these styles can be reflected from the right carpet. 

If you have a high traffic kitchen with kids and pets, you might want to consider a runner from Ruggable – their rugs can be thrown into the washing machine whenever they need to be refreshed, which I think is amazing! Ruggable is also a participating Rakuten store, so don’t forget to get a free Rakuten account for 1-2% cash back on your Ruggable purchase!

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Cookbook Stand 

If you’re like me and love collecting cookbooks, a cookbook stand is a fun decor accent that will display your cookbook of the moment and dress up your kitchen all in one go. 

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Apothecary Jars

Glass apothecary jars are an easy way to store your kitchen items while glamming up your space. I have a whole post on how to fill and style apothecary jars that can help you style them for the kitchen and every other part of your home. 

These stands come in gorgeous wood or stone/marble options depending on the texture and style your kitchen needs. 

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apothecary jar filler styling ideas cereal and grains kitchen decor


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Styled Trays

Trays are a simple way to create a decor niche in any space. Add a marble, wood or metal tray styled with candles, jars, florals, tea cups and more to add a visual focal point to an otherwise empty kitchen corner. 

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Plants & Greenery

Bring the outdoors in with a beautiful floral arrangement, a simple orchid or a green plant for your open shelf or countertop. If you have a black thumb, don’t worry! There are a number of faux florals and greens that look just as good.

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Marble Accents

A modern kitchen or French inspired kitchen – if that’s you’re thing – needs a bit of marble in it – n’est pas? Add some marble cannisters, bowls, trays, stands and jars to bring this earthy stone into the limelight. 

Kettles & Teapots

A lovely vintage or colour-coordinated kettle for your stovetop is a lovely idea to quickly add some character your kitchen. Teapots and teacups are also a great addition to your kitchen, especially if you have open shelving to display them on.

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What kitchen decor accents and updates are your favourite?

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