Naspers Foundry Invest R40milion In Fintech Start-up LifeCheq

Naspers Foundry Invest R40milion In Fintech Start-up LifeCheq

LifeCheq platform uses AI to lower the cost of financial advice and planning, and marks Naspers Fifth investment in fintech sector…

Naspers Foundry Invest R40milion In Fintech Start up LifeCheq. Naspers Financial Services Company Limited (Naspers Foundry) has invested a total sum of over R40 million in FinTech start up lifecheq,

with the intent to support it in achieving its growth strategy across multiple verticals including ePayments, digital payments,

corporate banking, etc. According to lifecheq co-founder and CEO Jason Ngwenya, Naspers Foundry is an innovative company that serves as their strategic partner in developing new products and services.It also works closely with them on their product development and innovation activities.

The Naspers Foundry investment will be used towards working withlifecheq on launching several new products and features such as B2B lending, credit cards, wealth management etc.


LifeCheq’s mission is to reduce the cost of financial advice and planning by automating end-to-end processes using technology

specifically artificial intelligence. They have been able to achieve this by focusing solely on machine learning. Their solution takes advantage of machine learning algorithms and deep neural networks,

which allow it to analyse large amounts of data and come up with recommendations for future plans in more than one dozen fields on our website. By adapting to different scenarios and providing users with better and faster decisions,

LifeCheq aims to improve personal finances. This involves predicting money behaviors, spending, saving trends and managing budget well so individuals can create a plan to manage their money efficiently without any problems.

As part of the Naspers Foundry investment, they are also building the proprietary LIVING+ suite of AI solutions to help businesses make smarter choices over money. This includes three separate applications personal finance manager.

‘personal advisor tool, and self-help tools These applications will help companies improve personal finance management capabilities, making money easier for you and your family members.


At lifecheq

we take an approach to product design where we look at how people want to use these services, what do they need from them and what are their pain points.

We also discuss what other companies have done to address those needs and how they made them better. “This allows us to build out the right features for the right user.

When I see the current customer base, I realize that there is still room for improvement there are some areas not covered yet like mortgage planning and insurance, but we have plans to cover all these features and add a lot more in the next few years, which is why we chose Naspers. said Mr Ngwenya.

I am excited about this collaboration and believe Naspers Foundry stands for high quality research and innovation. As a start-up we aim to offer customers truly unique experiences and empower companies to grow.

There is no perfect definition of success for a business today; however you can define the outcome you want: increased revenue, more satisfied customers or just higher profits. To achieve this requires finding great talent,

always looking at the bigger picture and bringing yourself together to solve complex challenges. With this effort we hope to work with various stakeholders around the world to develop solutions that can help to tackle major problems.

Our goal is to give everyone a place in developing the best possible offerings for consumers and businesses so that we can enjoy successful long term relationships with our partners. said Mr Ngwenya.


About lifecheq

LifeCheq provides cutting edge AI tech from Naspers Foundry to modern fintech startups helping transform personal finance management into smart decision making.

Through its flagship app and analytics platform, LifecycleAI, users can access simple and quick real time insights into their own finances. Naspers Foundry Invest R40milion In Fintech Start-up LifeCheq

From being aware of your current savings to making money decisions that suit your wants and needs, they can easily identify opportunities and get clear answers,

on-demand, to getting on top of unexpected events and getting things moving quickly. LifeCheq is headquartered in Johannesburg,

South Africa (South Africa), with offices in Stockholm, Estonia Munich Paris, Moscow and Miami. For more information visit..

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