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Phoebe Bridgers discusses ‘heartbreak’ amid rumoured split with Paul Mescal Pro Teachs

Phoebe Bridgers has offered tips on how to get over “heartbreak” amid rumours that she and actor Paul Mescal have called off their reported engagement.

Rumours began swirling in April that the “Motion Sickness” singer and the Normal People star were engaged.

Then, in Mescal’s recent November interview with The Guardian, the publication claimed that the two “are reported to be engaged.” That claim was later retracted by the publication.

Now, during a new appearance on Amelia Dimoldenberg’s “Chicken Shop Date” YouTube series, Bridgers lightly touched on the subject of “heartbreak” when asked if she had “any tips for getting over” it.

Responding matter-of-factly, the Grammy-nominated artist said: “You just have to do it. You just have to do it, and it’s going to end at some point, but you can’t make it end. That’s my thing.”

Dimoldenberg followed up by asking: “What has heartbreak taught you?”

Letting out a laugh, Bridgers confessed: “I think if I had figured that out, I wouldn’t be making music still.”

Paul Mescal and Phoebe Bridgers in 2021

(Getty Images for LACMA)

Mescal and Bridgers first began dating in 2020 after connecting over social media, but it wasn’t until December 2021 that the pair went Instagram official.

Following the reports of their supposed engagement, which have now shifted to rumours that they have split, Bridgers was reportedly spotted with Bo Burnham at comedian Kate Berlant’s one-woman standup show, further fuelling breakup speculation.

According to Jezebel, one of their staff members who was also in attendance at the 19 December New York City comedy show directed by Burnham, described Burnham and Bridgers’s interactions as “flirtatious”.

Both Bridgers nor Mescal have publicly addressed the rumours about their engagement or breakup.

The Independent has contacted Bridgers and Mescal for comment.

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