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Relationship expert shares 10 things you should know about your partner- Pro Teachs

A relationship expert has revealed a list of 10 questions you should be able to answer about your partner.

Lauren Consul, 34, has shared the all-important questions couples should be able to answer about each other in a video that has received over 3.5 million views on TikTok.

She says if you can answer them, you’re “doing something right”.

Some of the questions are light-hearted, including when your partner likes their eggs cooked. Others include questions about whether you know if your partner is stressed, and when they would like to have sex.

Some of the other thought-provoking questions included were knowing what your partner’s dream job in primary school was and how your other half likes you to flirt.

The professional relationship therapist, from Los Angeles, California, US, revealed that a lot of people commented saying that they were struggling to answer some of them.

She said: “A lot of people were able to answer a lot, but then some responses were saying they didn’t even know this about themselves! Others said things like: ‘we argue about small things’, but I always say that it’s not about the topic, it’s about what’s underneath the argument. The argument is actually about ‘do you see me?’, ‘do I matter?’

“The questions were inspiration from clients,” she continued. “A lot of couples will come in and have something small that they’re fighting about – little things that create big moments.

“If you’re not paying attention to the smaller things as well, it’s like you’re not fully seeing your partner.”

Her main tip for couples was to “never assume”.

“That’s a main tip for couples – asking questions and not assuming”, she said. “We are constantly evolving and answers change, don’t assume you already know.

“They don’t have to be super deep questions; you can start simple. Ask them about their day and how they’re feeling. It also doesn’t have to be about the relationship.

“For some couples it is high stakes to talk about their relationship so start conversations about other things like work, the media, TV and just life in general.

“The disconnect can happen overtime but try and make sure you continue to engage with questions and don’t assume.”

Lauren’s list of questions in full:

1. Do you know how your partner likes their eggs cooked?

2. What would your partner consider to be a big purchase?

3. What was your partner’s dream job in primary school?

4. If you were to arrive at a bar before your partner, what would they want you to order?

5. How frequently would your partner ideally want to be having sex?

6. What is something that they’re very self-conscious about?

7. What direction do they like the toilet paper, over or under?

8. What is their biggest tell that they are stressed out?

9. How do they like you to flirt with them?

10. What is some of the biggest stresses in their life right now?


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