Review of the Burj Al Arab Public Beach and Barbeque Nation Buffet in Dubai

Review of the Burj Al Arab Public Beach and Barbeque Nation Buffet in Dubai

Burj Al Arab Public Beach has been an iconic landmark in Dubai since it was open back in 1999 and it was the first beach-themed outdoor facility of its kind in the entire Middle East region. It’s quickly become the most popular venue on the Palm Jumeirah Island it has been consistently attracting thousands of guests each year to enjoy the magnificent amenities and excellent service that this world class resort has to offer. Today, I’m going to be reviewing both the Burj Al Arab Public Beach and Barbeque Nation buffet in Dubai since they are conveniently located together as part of the same complex. dubai tourisam


General Impressions

The burj al arab public beach is one of many free beaches located near jumeirah hotels & residences. It provides a vast area for families to enjoy their time together at a local swimming spot which also features access to paddle boarding and sailing lessons onsite. Its relaxing atmosphere is ideal for any fun day trip, just be aware that you must register before you can use it as a public beach. The barbeque nation buffet offers an upscale dining experience with options including Filipino fusion, seafood, international grill styles and traditional BBQ meats. The service was very good throughout my stay at barbeque nation as both staff members at the beach as well as in-house were attentive to our needs as customers Barbeque Nation Burj Al Arab Public Beach.


Food Options Choice

One look at the selection at Barbeque Nation, located on the public beach near The Burj Al Arab, will leave you speechless. They have one of every meat you can think of  Polish sausage, poultry (chicken legs, chicken wings), beef steak burgers, bone steak, seafood calamari rings, shrimp tails and pork. It was hard to decide which meat to grill but ultimately I opted for a seafood platter with some salmon strips on top that were marinated with lemon grass or something like that it made for a perfect combination with my medium-well steak burger patty. bbq nation buffet price Dubai


BBQ Experience

With each BBQ, we were immediately served a different type of meat to prepared on our Grill. The servers tended to your every need, so I didn’t feel like I had to constantly check up on them; they would find me when they needed to refill my plate. It was my first time visiting the beach so it took me a while before finding one of their portable grills; but soon enough, one showed up without my even asking. As far as quantity goes, you can get your fill at Barbeque Nation, especially if you have a big appetite! For dessert there was also ice cream. Overall, it was very pleasant eating experience despite feeling stuffed throughout most of it! barbeque nation price dubai


Burj Al Arab Public Beach

The best thing about going to a public beach is that you don’t have to worry about reservations changing rooms, or tickets In addition to being free, it’s also very accessible. The only catch is that you have to get there before noon because that’s when parking for non-hotel guests becomes prohibited.

It’s important to note that swimming at Burj Al Arab Public Beach is somewhat of a controversial subject due to some vicious rip currents. For obvious reasons (and I can only speak from personal experience), swimming near large boats with your kids is probably not the best idea either… Nevertheless, if you do go into the water here do be extra cautious of those dangerous rips.


Final Thoughts Recommendations

The primary benefit to having a buffet at an establishment that has been as popular as Burj Al Arab is that it offers local cuisine from many different countries. Not every country offers a buffet, but with so many cultures represented here, you bound to find something you enjoy. The worst thing I can say about any dining experience is: What would have made it better?

For Barbeque Nation and burj al arab public beach buffet, there are only two things: a greater variety of non-seafood options I like shrimp and calamari very much and lower prices. This location is in such high demand that they can charge whatever they want. With all five senses being satisfie… bbq nation buffet price Dubai


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