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Sexologist Reveals the 5 Do’s and Dont’s of Sex Toy Shopping – The Love And Sex News- Pro Teachs

Sex toy shopping opens a world of pleasure possibilities — if you know what you’re doing.

The options are endless from clit stimulators that provide nipplegasms to bullets, dual pleasure and more. Thankfully, sexologist and authentic tantra practitioner, Tyomi Morgan, has five expert tips for your next trip to the sex store.

Keep reading for tips from our favorite sex expert.

Don’t buy toys from second-hand retailers like Amazon

According to Morgan, avoid “second-hand retailers like Amazon to prevent purchasing defective or toys. Buy directly from the manufacturer’s website or from a trusted reseller like Pinkcherry or Adam & Eve.”

Jellies, phthalates and other porous materials will all be listed on the front label of your sex toy. No need to be intimated by the name, just know that if you see those three words above, it’s a no-go.

These materials make “cleaning difficult and can increase the chances of causing infection” from bacteria.  If a product smells like heavy chemicals when it’s removed from the packaging, chances are the material is toxic.” Instead, opt for body safe silicone.

Prep yourself before you stress yourself

Before shopping, ask yourself what toys you’d like to try and research online. You can even get creative and explore your go-to ethical porn site. Morgan continued, “Learn about how to use them, clean them and care for them.  The more you know about what you will invest in, the least likely you’ll feel second thoughts about making the purchase.  Sex toys are an investment with very high returns when it’s the right choice.”

Don’t fish for cheap prices

For some aspects of your routine, you can skimp on quality and opt for cheaper pricing. Sex toys are definitely not applicable to that. As Morgan shared with us, “You’re making an investment in an accessory that will interact with the most intimate parts of your body. Show respect for yourself and your personal parts and choose the finest of materials within your budget.  Cheap in cost doesn’t always mean cheap in construction or materials used.”

If inflation has you searching for deals, that’s okay. Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are great starting points. Aside from that, cheap pricing can indicate cheap products which is far too risky for your vulva.

Don’t skim over product details

Product details don’t only provide info on materials and price. It also lists the ”functions of the toy and the materials it is made out of.  Paying attention to these things will serve you best in the long run.”

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