Suzuki Mehran Relaunch The Boss Finally Getting AC

Suzuki Mehran Relaunch The Boss Finally Getting AC

The car manufacturing giant, Suzuki, who has been in the Pakistani market for decades now and has recently introduced their new car in Pakistan, The XL7, is looking to relaunch the Suzuki Mehran from its early days to the current times. The car manufacturing giant,Suzuki Mehran Relaunch The Boss Finally Getting AC…


What Happened In 1999?

Suzuki has always believed in launching newer variants of their cars at reasonable prices, so that everyone gets a chance to own one. Take for example their GL-185, first launched back in 1999 at a price of Rs. 500,000 (roughly $9200 at that time). Although it’s base variant wasn’t equipped with air conditioning and power steering. But they promised to launch both those versions by March 1999. which they did! It took them only 3 months from planning to its actual launch. You can even check out some video footage showing how suzuki mehran car was launched 15 years ago! 


What Is Happening Now

Over the last couple of days, multiple posts have been seen on social media claiming that Pak Suzuki is relaunching (getting a new lease on life) with AC at Rs. 825,000. And people are excited; they feel as if their wishes are finally coming true. As you know, we have always tried to bring authentic news to you and inform you about things that actually matter. That’s why we decided to investigate whether or not these claims were true. After all, it would be really sad if Suzuki finally relaunch its most popular car only for it to be overpriced like it was before! But what did our investigation reveal? Read on to find out!


How Do I Know If It’s Real Or Not

So, is it real or not? After doing some deep diving on Google, we found a few things that are fishy about it. First of all, you can find a used mehran with car on OLX website in Lahore and its price is less than 500K. As per our search results, average price of mehran in lahore ranges from 600k to 650k and if you want buy it without any hassle then expect 700k to 750k maximum And after checking ads I found two posts regarding suzuki mehran cars relaunch with ac at same price. but they were post in 2016 that means even my boss didn’t had ac at Rs.


Don’t Be Believe Everything You See On Social Media

Suzuki previous relaunch of its least expensive car was an absolute disaster. I was in Karachi when these cars arrived and it was immediately apparent that some people were pushing cars with no intention of making them reach their final destination. Since then, a steady stream of gullible individuals has continued to believe rumors about these cars being on sale even though they are never on sale and no one ever sells them or sees them anywhere except Pakistan’s streets (where they have deteriorated by now). So, why would we need a new brand? In all likelihood, we wouldn’t. Why relaunch such a failure unless there is something exciting that accompanies it? Suzuki Mehran Relaunch


Why Is This A Bad Idea Anyway?

Firstly, to clarify, we did not say that it was a relaunch of The Boss, but that it was a relaunch of VX at 825k. And by now, you’re wondering why we are stating so many disclaimers even before writing our piece. Because until last month, Suzuki Mehran Relaunch The Boss Finally Getting AC

there has been a rumor around social media regarding Suzuki relaunching The Boss (VX) as well and everyone is wondering when they are finally going to get AC in their beloved boss. They also go on to say that Suzuki has slashed their prices recently and have started offering discounts on their vehicles too. But all these rumors can only be false because firstly no dealer or owner would offer discounts just for showing an interest in Suzuki cars


To Buy Or Not To Buy

If you’re looking for a Suzuki Mehran Relaunch, we don’t think now is a good time to buy. But if you want an entry-level sedan, which of course comes with AC and more power, there are other options available in Pakistan that come equipped with all these features, and probably at even lower prices. So when Pakistan Suzuki relaunches it (and we see no indication of any imminent launch) Suzuki Mehran Relaunch.

it could very well be price as high as Rs. 975,000 for a fully loaded variant. which will be a lot more expensive than its already much pricier competitors like Honda City or Toyota Corolla Altis. In which case we’d rather wait for its launch before deciding on whether to purchase one or not. Suzuki Mehran Relaunch The Boss Finally Getting AC

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