The Circle Season 5: Fan Fave Shubham Goel Returns for RevengePro Teachs

Circle, send message: We missed Shooby. 

That’s right: Fan favorite Shubham Goel, who was the runner-up on season one, is back for revenge on season five of The Circle. Well—Shubham’s form of revenge, of course. 

“Hi, old friend!” Shubham tells viewers in a confessional from the Netflix trailer, released Dec. 12. “We’re back!”

But, the new season five preview shows it’s not all fun and games for the lovable software engineer. After coming in second on his original season to Joey Sasso, Shubham wants to win now more than ever. 

“The singles outnumber the originals,” Shubham says. “We can knock them out one by one by one by one.”

Plus, all this strategizing seems to be paying off: Shubham notes that, for the first time, he could “very well win this game.”

But this season, there’s a new wrinkle that The Circle will be throwing at players. For the first time, all contestants must be catfishing as single, no matter their relationship status IRL.

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