Their 5 Biggest Differences Between The Europe And US

1. Smoking

Their 5 Biggest Differences Between The Europe And US, I remember a time in the US when you went to a restaurant and they asked you, “Smoking or not smoking?” Now, everything is non-smoking. Many public places are smoky places. As a non-smoker, I love this. However, moving to Europe may not have been the smartest move to move to a non-smoker.

Europeans smoke – in public, at home, wherever they want. Granted, there are some places where you can see the sign of non-smoking, but they are few and far between, especially if you want to go out and spend the night. And even if there is no smoking in the house, there are, without fail, at least three smokers sitting right in front of the door of any non-smoking facility. Europe seems to find the phrase “smoking is bad for you” propaganda and scientific evidence to support that, shortly after the US. Still, I know that France is pushing the issue for good and seeing good results.


2. Driving

I cannot say for sure that European drivers are worse than American drivers. I would say that driving expectations are different so it affects the way drivers do. For example, on major European roads there is no regular 12-mile exit with food and gas options, such as in the provinces. Or,

that the Americans will pass you by on the right, but this is an insult to Europe. Or, that you can open the red right in America, but this is illegal in Europe. Also, my personal / minimal favorite, there are no highway cops, and any ticket you get will come from a camera (sometimes cleverly hidden) on the side of the road that illuminates the bright white light of the case for you, and you cry fast, all the way home.


3. Food

The American people are an undeniable champion of food use. Food is cheap and affordable. The provincial grocery store is exactly the same as the European grocery store, but just add two more cereals, a restaurant full of chips-candy-soda, three passages of healthy food, remove wine (s) and beer (s) and voila. , stores are the same.

At restaurants, if you order great food from the provinces, you expect to go home with what you have not finished. In Europe, ratings are often not large enough to be left for food, but if you ask to take food home you may find a confused gaze, and you may leave empty-handed. Their 5 Biggest Differences Between The Europe And US.


4. Natural Calls

In the United States, if you have to travel, it is much easier to find a toilet at a gas station or public place (outside of New York). In Europe there are several countries that charge you to use toilets at petrol stations and public places, but there are some that do not even have a toilet. If you are accustomed to not going before you leave home in the provinces, when you go to Europe, I would not recommend taking that opportunity.


5. Customer Service

We all knew it was coming. Anyone who has ever been to Europe (or Europeans visiting the US) knows that many European countries are not known for their amazing customer service cough, cough  France & Germany  cough, cough . Shoot, if you have ever seen a movie or heard someone else talk about their trip to Europe, you probably know that! Their 5 Biggest Differences Between The Europe And US.

European consumer misconduct is one of those things that is not always as bad as it sounds, but will definitely happen to you at least once. as in the US! But the difference is your motives and methods. In the US, customer service at restaurants is high because waiters are working on tips. In Europe, they do not, so kissing your buttocks is not important in their health. Also, in Europe, there is no Better Business Bureau, so if a bank clerk or store owner insults yo. you should just breastfeed and stop buying there.


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