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Woman shares Spotify Wrapped-style summary of her dating highs and lows Pro Teachs

A young woman has shared a Spotify Wrapped-style dating roundup of her year so far.

The TikTok trend started going viral earlier this year, as Spotify released its annual roundup for users detailing their favourite tracks.

In a similar style, people have been reflecting on their dating highs and lows, charting them by compiling various data points illustrating what happened in their love lives.

Emily Cass, 24, did this on TikTok by revealing that she started the year in a “situationship” with someone that ended in her booking flights to Sydney.

She also revealed that, with some lovers, she issued them pretend p45s to indicate a breakup.

The actor also said that she cried over three men in the year of 2022 and that 50 per cent of her dates ended things mutually, while 33 per cent were ended by her and 17 per cent by the other people.

“I go for free-spirited and chaotic men and I think that’s why it never ends well,” she said.

“I was dating someone at the end of 2021 and he wanted something more serious because he’s six years older than me.

“Then I had the disaster where my coil failed… it was all a bit traumatic and my body went into shock.”

Cass continued that she recently went on a good date: “I went on a good date with someone I met on Thursday, we had a really good time at their cocktail club singles event,” she said.

“We saw each other for about four weeks and then he told me I had attachment issues and that he was seeing someone else.”

As for the p45 breakups, she added: “I send them a p45 once I’m finished with them, it says ‘thank you for your recent endeavours with EC limited, please see attached your p45- and it’s my STI results.”

Cass added that she is ending the year in Sydney and will then travel to Rio De Janeiro.

“At the end of 2022, I know what I want now and I don’t have to take s**,” she said.

“I’m sure I’ll return home with lots more stories to tell.”

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